5 on 5 Project: We're Off to See the Wonderful...Pirate of Oz?

Last Christmas my sister introduced us to the Baby Lit book series and we have been hooked ever since. 

I know, I know...you're wondering what board books and pirates have to do with Oz. Hang on just a second, I'll get there ;)  We recently added the Wizard of Oz to our collection and the girls love looking through it. Instead of dressing up as another cat for 3 years running, Liv decided she'd like to be Dorothy for Halloween. We happened to already have a lion costume in just the right size for Norah (that was feline year one) and a jumper is relatively easy to sew up, so I was happy to oblige. While discussing who everyone should be, she looked through the pages and told me I should be the "pink lady" meaning Glinda, the good witch. I was totally cool with that. Better than her saying I should be the "green lady". I guess I'm doing something right or maybe its because pink is her favorite color. We'll go with the first. Of course, this was just a few days before the actual holiday and we didn't have anything together for dad. He would have preferred to be a winged monkey, but there was no time for that kind of fabrication...so he was a pirate instead. 

Our neighborhood isn't exactly the best place to walk around (dark, busy road, not many people participate) so we went to our friends' neighborhood for the evening's festivities. They had a parade (which we got to be a part of!) and most people sat out front greeting the kids as they  walked by showering them in candy. This was our first year to do any kind of trick'r'treating and for the first 10 or so houses Liv came back declaring, "Mommy, they gave me CANDY!" Can you tell candy is a rare occurrence in our household?

We had a blast and though we may not get to do it every year, it was really fun to see how much joy the kids got out of it. Do you have any special traditions you do for Halloween?

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