Most of my childhood years took place in the 90's. I always had a point and shoot 35mm camera, but I didn't pay much attention to composition or making a beautiful photograph. Almost all of my photos ended up blurry, crooked, chopped, etc..(consequently, I didn't have much interest in photography then. I was very much into sketching and painting at the time). 

Fast forward 15 years and I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. FILM.

My sister was so very gracious in letting me steal away her old Canon Rebel G and I have had so much fun playing with it. I love that it makes me slow down and think through my shot, I love that when the roll has finished I am done and put it away to play with my girls, I love that it means I have to wait a week to see the photos, I love (and not-so-love) that I have very little control over focus points and have to mostly manual focus if I am shooting anything other than a center-composed shot. I definitely want to get more comfortable with it and eventually upgrade my film camera and be able to incorporate it into my business.

So here is my challenge to the pro photographer, to the hobbyist, to the moms and dads, to the kids. Pick up an old camera and throw some film in there. In our go-go-go-I-need-it-now culture I think it is a good reminder that patience and slowing down truly is important. Plus, it's just really fun.

 Kodak Portra 400 on  Canon Rebel G with a Canon 28 1.8

 Kodak Portra 400 on Canon Rebel G with a Canon 28 1.8