Maternity Leave

Hey there. 

I know its been a while, but I just wanted to pop in and let you know what's going on. 

Here's a hint: The title gives it away. 

Yup! I am in the last few weeks of my last pregnancy (cue Europe's Final Countdown)We're are expecting our new little guy or girl in the very (hopefully) near future. That said, I won't be taking on any more clients over the rest of the Fall/Winter. 

Though bittersweet, with three kids I wouldn't be able to give you guys the attention you deserve while giving my family the attention they deserve. I am going to enjoy this last phase of newborn-hood and when life gets a little more settled (I hope) I will be so so so ready to photograph YOUR beautiful faces again :) 

I'll still be coming in to blog some past sessions and updates here and there. But keep your eyes peeled for SPRING 2017!