7 Awesome Adventures to have with your kids this Summer

Eek! Summer is just around the corner. It's quite easily my favorite season -- snow cones, park dates, watermelon, popsicles, the beach (or really any water based activities with my littles), AND it's the easiest time of year to get out and take a spur of the moment adventure!

My girls and I love to get out of the house as often as we can and with preschool coming to a close, we now have every day as an open canvas to get exploring. For those of you with older kids don't tune out! I may have younger kids, but this list will definitely include ideas that appeal to the tween/teens and get them away from their tablets for a few hours. 

1. Hiking/Nature Trail:

Just pick your level. Have younger kids? Choose a trail that’s level and not much of an incline/decline (think more of a nature walk than a true hike). Older kids or teens? Find a trail that’s a bit more challenging. Don’t forget your water and a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

2. Pick-your-own farms:

Mmmm, what’s better than biting into a juicy warm peach just off the tree? Find a farm that allows you to pick your own produce. It not only makes for a fun day, but you’re also supporting a small local business. That’s a win-win in my book.

3. Treasure Hunt:

There are two ways to do this. If your kids are on the younger side, a scavenger hunt would be such a fun way to spark their curiosity and get everyone out of the house. There are so many different ways you can implement this one.

For older kids & maybe even the tween/teen crowd, try geocaching. This modern day treasure hunting can be done all over the world. Be sure to bring along a GPS enabled device. Your smartphone should do just fine. (Check out www.geocaching.com to find a location near you!)

4. Local festivals:

Summer is the time that the festivals arrive. There are so many different types to choose from: Art, Music, Food trucks...It’s a great way to get out, explore your city, and maybe even get a taste of cultures other than your own!

5. Explore a new park:

Getting a little bored with your tried and true playgrounds? Expand your search! You could go as close as a different part of town or make a day of it and choose a park in a nearby city.

6. Overnight camping:

You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want too. Backyard camping is great for those with preschool aged kids. Want more of a roughin’ it experience? Head out to the nearest State Park. Be sure to check if camping permits are needed before you go (it’s usually pretty inexpensive).

7. Mini road trip:

Map out some cool destinations that can all be seen on a long weekend and hop in the car! Be sure to leave plenty of time to get out of the car and explore. Remember to be flexible!

Now get out there and have some fun!