A New Journey Ahead

Change. Its something I've craved and chased all my life. The meaning and implications of that has shifted greatly from the time I was an independent college student, to then a wife, and now a mom of 3 little people. As the end of 2016 neared, I reflected back on the last 5 years. 

Five years ago I was pregnant with my first child. Not sure of what was ahead of me. I didn't know that that would be the most difficult year that I had ever experienced. I didn't know that I would be moving across the country, away from everyone that I had ever known, to start a new life with my little family. I didn't know that I would battle severe PPD and feel so alone. I didn't know that, despite the difficult time I had as a first time mom, I would have two more precious little babies and lose another. 

This year, like all the others, will come with its own big changes, some still yet to be revealed. This year I will be adjusting to being a mother to 3 girls. I will have a kid in kindergarten. I will be turning 30 (yikes!) And for the biggest one, this year my family will be making the move back to Texas. 

In some ways, we are going back to what's familiar. In others, that familiarity will have changed significantly since we have changed significantly. I'm excited to see where our journey will take us this year. As far as photography goes, this is my year to take a step back from the business aspect. As we settle in and adjust to a new life in a new city I need to put my focus on my family. On nurturing my little ones. On being present with them and with my husband. Taking a step back from business doesn't mean I'm putting photography on the shelf. I will be using this year for growth, working on projects that have been put on the back burner, and for rediscovering the art of photography.