5 on 5 Project: The Little Girl With A Bow In Her Hair

Once upon a time there was a little girl with a bow in her hair.

One day she decided to go on a walk in the woods. As she was walking she noticed something had changed. The air seemed a bit chillier and the bright greens of summer were fading. But, something else caught her eye.

The leaves.

The leaves were falling off of all the trees. "Oh No!" she cried, "I need to take the leaves back to the trees, they must be missing them."

So she began to gather them up.

She walked up to a tree and said, "Tree, tree! You've lost your leaves and I have gathered some up for you. Where should I put them?"

The tree looked down on her and said, "Thank you little one, but I don't need them back. In order for me to grow bigger, I must lose my leaves. You keep them."

She replied," Oh thank you tree! I will make something beautiful out of your leaves."

And she did.

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