Client Questions Answered: What Do We Wear?

If you've ever had a photo session done before, you'll know that wardrobe is one of the number one stress causers.

First comes the fun part: you scour the fashion and hair/makeup sections on Pinterest. By the time you have an idea of what look you're going for, you get everyone's outfits together to be coordinating, but not too matchy-matchy.

Now the not-so-fun part: the night before the big day you make sure that there are no stains, no wrinkles, blah, blah, blah...Then it happens. Little miss decides she just HAS to use those concrete blocks as a balance beam. She falls, skins her knee, and now there's a mix of blood, dirt, and grass stains on her white dress. Or maybe little man lives in his super hero cape. He NEEDS that cape to be able to take on whatever archenemy comes his way (and you never know when those pesky guys are going to come running out of the shadows). But that cape doesn't match the rest of the family. Enter the breakdown.

This is where documentary photography becomes your best friend. 

Capes? Awesome!

Skinned knees and stains? It's part of her story!

Coordinating outfits? Sure! As long as it really speaks to who you are. 

If you haven't noticed yet, this whole movement is about giving up the "perfect" for the real. Because perfect is never truly perfect and imperfect can be completely show stopping.