5 on 5 Project: First Day of School - Documentary Style

What?! I still can't believe it. My little baby isn't so little anymore. I know, I know, its preschool, but WOAH! How did she get big enough to be going off to preschool? 

I knew I wanted to document this part of such a special day and what a perfect mini story to have for the 5 on 5 project! {Remember to head on over to Lacey Monroe Photography and check out her post this month!}

This girl is already very conscious about her wardrobe, so we picked out her outfit the night before and laid it all out on her dresser.


We started shooting right after breakfast, so the next thing on the agenda was to brush teeth. (According to a certain little talking tiger with a red jacket, we went a little out of order.)


Then it was time to get dressed!


There was a little misunderstanding about how one needs to wear socks with sneakers. She wasn't very excited about this notion and it took a little while to convince her, but eventually we worked our way through it.


Then headed outside for a few quick shots before loading up in the car. I maybe only kinda cheated just a little here...I couldn't choose just one, so I made two photos into one. I would call it ingenuity over cheating ;)

By the way, she loved it! School is definitely going to be a good thing for my little extrovert.


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